With email tracker blocking becoming the new ad blocker - meaning many people block tracking pixels in emails (including myself and about a dozen of my closest colleagues), it would be great to send a "Final Warning" email to an "inactive" subscriber before they are removed.
For example, I read nearly every email newsletter I subscribe to. For many, however, the entire content in within the email, so I can go many months before ever clicking a link in emails from some of the websites I subscribe to.
I'm noticing a trend of websites sending an email with something to the effect of - "You haven't opened or clicked one of our emails for nearly 6 months. Please click THIS LINK to let us know you still want to receive our emails. If you don't click within the next 7 days, your subscription will be deleted from our system."
Obviously, using relevant wording based on the Mailpoet "Stop sending to inactive subscribers" setting (screenshot - https://i.imgur.com/lcKtJM6.png)
Email tracking blockers are becoming more and more prevalent. I think this simple addition now will help nearly ALL Mailpoet users a lot in the near future - and benefit a large amount now.