We recently had an issue where one site was bombarded by spam signups via the official MailPoet sidebar/footer widget. MailPoet's own anti-spam system missed these fake signups, but obviously the email addresses either bounced or were marked as spam when the confirmation email was sent.
MailPoet then (on a Saturday morning) paused sending all emails for every site in my account and there was nobody to escalate the issue to until Monday. This meant no transactional emails being sent from any site in my account - even ecommerce stores - until the issue was resolved on Monday morning.
Stopping newsletters being sent while investigating a spam issue makes sense and even stopping sending subscription confirmations is understandable - but WooCommerce order emails and password resets not being sent is a huge issue - especially when there is no way to get help for 48 hours.
Please make this system more robust and keep transactional emails working - at least on other sites within an account - whilst investigating the issue.