It happens to everyone at some point: you checked your newsletter links many times, you send, and realize you got one wrong, but it’s too late.
The first time it happened to me with MailPoet, I went to wp-admin to edit my email; I fixed the link, only to be warned that it would be fixed for the in-browser version but not in the already sent emails.
That made sense; the emails have already been sent. Or does it? 🙂
Looking at a copy of the email I sent to myself, I noticed that the links were directed to my site and then were redirected from there, which I assume is necessary to track clicks.
It took me two minutes to find where the wrong link was recorded in the database and change it there. Boom! The link was now fixed in the previously sent emails.
As it happened again last night, and I fixed it in the same fashion, I started wondering: why isn’t this a feature of MailPoet? Why do I have to launch PHPMyAdmin and change it manually? I think it could be a neat addition. (Or did I miss it, and it exists already?)