Adding a Zapier integration would allow for some awesome automation. Here are some of the things that could be done with Zapier integration.
  1. Add contact from WPForms to list or segment.
  2. Add contact that filled out a Facebook Lead Ad for downloading a PDF.
  3. Add subscribers from a Google Sheet spreadsheet
  4. Add Typeform email entries to a MailPoet segment
  5. Send Gmail message to a new subscriber that meets the following criteria (has a custom email and not a gmail, yahoo, etc). This is someone that I want to pay special attention to because they may be a fellow creator that could provide backlinks or other opportunities.
  6. Add a PayPal customer to MailPoet list/segment.
  7. Add a Stripe customer to a MailPoet list/segment.
  8. Add new MailPoet contacts to Google Contacts
  9. Update contact in Airtable with their segment and list information